Jesus, The Supply!

Imagine for a minute this merciless state.  You awaken to a harsh desert.  People are wandering throughout looking to you for the answers to their needs.  Whether you come up with answers or not you are judged at every front and you awaken to constant scrutiny and complaining.  There is this constant requirement to give and to perform, perfectionism is the accepted standard, and no matter how hard you try, your perfect is never perfect enough.  You never know how to get ahead or to even matter in this barren place.  It seems like everyone wants something from you, everyone wants it now and no matter how hard you try to fulfill the constant demands placed upon you, you fear you will always come up short.  Now you’ve begun to question your own abilities or even your own sanity.  The passion that once led your life has now drained from you and you are ruled by constant obligation.  Pressure, pressure, pressure is all around with no relief in sight.  The more you resist the louder it moans, “Give, give, give, more, more, more….I am the bill collector of your soul.”

You go to sleep and wake up the next day, still in the desert, but beside a beautiful stream of flowing water.  The stream brings you everything you will ever need.  It carries your needs and suprises you with your wants.  You never know from day-to-day what will be delivered to you.  If someone needs something from you, you never worry about meeting the need because you know that the stream will bring whatever is demanded of you.  There is no pressure because you know that you are not the supply, however,  you are confident of your provision.  Your heart dreams, you are at peace and rest, everything is so light and easier with the stream.    You hear its gentle whisper…. “I am everything  you will ever need, your constant supply, the lover of your soul.  Your bill is paid in full.”

“For waters shall burst forth in the wilderness, And streams in the desert. The parched ground shall become a pool, And the thirsty land springs of water…”  Is. 35:6b-7a

Jesus came to completely pay the bill that the law required.  The bill is paid in full.  Not everyone knows that it is paid in full, so they still demand payment from people, even from themselves.  The law is the demanding desert and this nightmare is the reality of those who continue to live according to the law.  The good news is that Jesus is the supply, He is the stream.  Wake up today beside the stream….He is your supply.