“We love him, because he first loved us.”  1 John 4:19

You are deeply, perfectly, and beautifully loved.

You have been loved supernaturally your entire life.  Not a day has gone by that you have not been thought of in the highest regard and with the most tender of thoughts.  You have been cherished and enjoyed by the most captive audience.  You have been longed for and missed, anticipated and celebrated.  You are loved.

Not how you have been loved on this Earth.  Not defined by human hands.  By the hands of your Father.

For some, humans have tainted the way one sees love, misrepresented the way of love and perverted its path.  For others, this selfishness called love has created an image of a God that loves in a warped way.  One that requires something, demands, or is even cruel, harsh and twisted.  A love that is really not love at all…..

It is just an attribute of humanness that got labeled incorrectly, or a fabrication of religiousness devoid of truth and power.

Love, rightly defined, is DIVINE.  God is love.  You can not manufacture it on your own, you cannot fake it, you cannot even perform it, unless perhaps you have encountered it….

Encountered Him that is……You shall be changed.  You shall be transformed.  You shall be renewed.  The You that you always longed for is accomplished in His complete love.  The freedom you dreamed of can be found nestled within His embrace.  It is the safe haven of your heart.  The longing of the soul.  The desire of the world.

An encounter with love transforms your life completely.  You begin to see yourself differently because you understand the world based upon how He sees it.  That means that you love yourself because you now understand how He loves you.  You love your neighbor differently because you understand just how much God loves them.  And, you can love even your enemies with His power.

In fact,  just as you see in movies with superheroes, when you begin to receive and understand God’s love for you, you begin to see life with supernatural acuity.  As with x-ray vision, you begin to see right through people’s actions and manipulations and gaze upon their hearts, their pain, their need, and the lies that they believe.  You begin to hear, as with supersonic ears, the deep longings of the soul, the cries in the dark, and the longings of the heart.  And as with supernatural strength, you are able to help others lift off the heaviest of burdens with gentle ease, release forgiveness to those who assault you with their guns of bitterness, their knives of hatred, and their arrows of revenge.  You are now able to love the way that Jesus loved you in your pain, hopelessness, bitterness, and selfishness…..freely.

Receive His love today.  It cost Him everything to bring it to you.  It costs you nothing to receive it.  Freely you have received, freely you CAN receive it, and then freely give…..