His Great Name

My husband and I are relocating to a different state.  This is the 5th cross-country move we have made in the past 6 years.  Suffice it to say I have wondered “Why?” more than once…..  As in the usual fashion of my Father, He often times shows me a scenario that connects me with understanding or reminds me of a specific time where He was faithful to help me through baffling transition.

I want to share with you the two scenarios He shared with me about my move.  Hope they speak to you in some way in your life as they have in mine.

Scenario #1:

I needed a tool the other day to remove a hook from the wall of my house.  I realized that If I used anything else but a medium allen wrench, I would damage the wall and create a big headache for myself.  The small allen wrench just spun around and around with no grip at all.  The large one wouldn’t even fit inside the hole.  I needed precisely the medium one.  Yes, I could have used a hammer to pry it out but it would have damaged the surface of the wall or I could have used pliers to rip it out, but it would have taken way too much energy and still created excessive damage.  With the medium allen wrench, however, it glided the screw effortlessly out of its home to complete the job with zero damage.  Hence, precisely the correct tool is essential to get the job done with no damage and very minimal effort.  A small allen wrench would have proved useless and a large allen wrench useless for this specific task.  All other tools may have worked, but not without some unwanted baggage to deal with.

Truth #1 I learned:

God is precise.  He is into precision. 

He can be trusted to lead you to the place that provides the correct tool for that specific time in your life.  Whatever God is trying to do in your life or unlock in your life, you can rest assured that if He is expending the energy to create something or prevent something it has something to do with moving the correct tools into place for you and your good.

Scenario #2:

My son and I were having a talk about the Joplinians suffering from the massive tornado and we decided to let our moving sale turn into a sale to aid in the recovery.  At the time, I viewed it as a training time for him in understanding how to really love people in their need, but we know how quickly it turned into a lesson for me…. It all started when I began to be drained by the move and decided that I would just donate the items to Joplin instead of having this big 2-day sale.  Jackson and I were having a conversation in the car after a trip to the bank that culminated in a sucker for him.  He didn’t want the sucker, so he said that he wanted to donate it to the Joplin victims.  I began to help him understand that the sucker for him was not a sacrifice for him at all, that it was something he didn’t want.  I began to give him scenarios to help him see if it would meet their needs:

Naked?  How about a sucker?

Starving?  How about a sucker?

Jobless?  How about a sucker?

Homeless?  How about a sucker?

Well, you get the picture…..   I began to help him see that his gift really didn’t match the need.  Then, I began to see that my responses and my gifts must match the need or I am insulting, not really helping too….

Naked?  How about a toaster?

Starving?  How about a weight bench?

Jobless?  How about some vases?

Homeless?  How about a freezer?

Needless to say, I was convicted, renewed in vision for the garage sale and thrilled by its outcome.  Praise God that we were able to raise, through the sale and donations, the exact amount of money I asked God for and were able to donate it directly to my grandpa’s church where 82 families lost their homes, cars, and belongings.  And where 15 members of their church lost their lives.  Jackson and I drove there ourselves yesterday and together we put it in their hands after both learning such valuable lessons.

Truth #2 I learned:

The gift must match the need.

God sets the example for us in that His greatest gift to us, His son Jesus, matched our greatest need….salvation from our sin.  And whatever God sees as the immediate needs in our lives, He continues to meet them….

I am confident that whatever God is allowing into my life, it is exactly what I need and will unlock and open exactly what I need.  He is precise and His gifts always match my need.  So, I can do whatever is demanded of me in any situation because He continues to reaffirm to me that He is my supply, His name is great and He is greatly to be praised!!  Bless you on your journey my friends!

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