Fall in Love

Happy Fall everyone!!

Fall is my favorite time of year!  I love long walks in the crisp humid morning air, the brilliant colors, yummy comfort foods, smells, sweaters, holiday celebrations and so much more.  Though we are still in 3 digit heat here in southern Texas, I am anticipating the beauty that fall brings (even if mostly just in my memory and vicariously through my northern friends)!!

It has been a while since my last post…. I have had a number of computer issues that have required my attention….uggh!  Also,  I had hoped to be able to comment on Steve Furtick’s 12 Audacious Faith statements.  Sadly, due to copyright I am unable to comment here, but you should take a look when you get time.

In moving forward, I am excited to post an article written by a ministry that has truly gripped my heart over the years.  It is a 2 part message titled, “Slavery to Sonship:  Exposing the Roots of the Spiritual Orphan”  This message has spoken to me, as so many of their resources have.  It is a wonderful navigation tool of the heart, especially for those who are weary and heavy laden.  The Lord led me back to it again in this season of my life and God continues to speak to me through it.

Just as the seasons change, let this season be a renewal of relationship and love between you and God.  A romance, a true encounter of the heart.  Let those long fall walks still the busyness of your mind and life and reconnect you with a trust in God like never before.   Time to Fall in Love!!

Slavery to Sonship Pt.1

Jack Frost
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(843) 365-8990