God is With Me

Declare with me today, His Lordship.  Renew with me today, your surrender… and claim your freedom!  Speak out loud the name of Jesus.  There is power in His name.  And declare His Lordship and His Christ!!  He is Emmanuel, God with us!

Jesus is Lord

Jesus is my Lord

Jesus is Lord of my Heart

Jesus is Lord of my Life

Jesus is Lord of my Peace

Jesus is Lord of my days and Lord of my nights

Jesus is Lord of my home

Jesus is Lord of my health

Jesus is Lord of my finances

Jesus is Lord of my relationships

Jesus is Lord of my past

Jesus is Lord of my present

Jesus is Lord of my future

I receive all that you died to give me.  I receive your presence.  I receive your purpose.  I receive your favor.  I receive your goodness.  I receive your mercy.  I receive your love.  I receive your salvation.  I receive your hope.  I receive your friendship.  I receive your comfort.  I receive your joy.  I receive your peace.  I receive your strength.  I receive your deliverance.  I receive your sustenance.  You do not give as the world gives.

I will no longer trust in what I see, what I feel,  in what I hear or in what I think.  I trust in you alone!!  I receive what you show me, what you speak to me, what you impart to me, and where you lead me.

You are “with me” by virtue of your very name… Emmanuel.  You do not lie.  I am never alone, never forsaken, never rejected, never abandoned, you are always with me…

I live by resurrection power.  Death has no control over me and Hell has no power that can stand against me.  I am covered by your blood and your righteousness is my fruit.  He who is “with me” is greater than He who is against me.

Thank you for everything you are allowing into my life right now.  Thank you for everything you are allowing me to experience.  Thank you for everything you are allowing me to learn.   Nothing compares to you and I know that nothing can ever separate me from you and from your love.

In Jesus Name!

2 thoughts on “God is With Me

  1. Thank you for these powerful reminders of who Jesus, Emmanuel is with us and in us today. Blessings for you and your family as you ‘make room for Him’ in your Christmas celebrations. In that ‘room’ His peace and presence is felt/received.

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