Pray with Me for Connecticut


December 14th, yesterday, would have been our daughter, Eden’s, 6th birthday.   When we lost her nothing could have ever helped my heart in this world if Jesus had not come to my rescue and helped me tangibly feel His love and presence.

As I came home from school last night, I was greeted at the door with the news of the atrocious murders of the children and school staff in Connecticut.  I just sank.  This is incomprehensible…

…and it always will be.

As we fall to our knees with our brothers and sisters and our entire world in their time of grief, shock and dismay, let us pray together to the only true and lasting Comforter.  Let us wait upon His rescuing hand and let us believe in His ability to hold us and lead us even in our darkest hour…

Father, in the mighty name of Jesus, we are prisoners to Your mercy.  These precious friends have nowhere to go right now.  They have no place of comfort.  They have been ripped in two.  Outside of You, they have no hope of comfort.  Capture them with Your grace.  Reach for them, grab them and embrace them like they have never been in their lives.  Draw them supernaturally to Your Presence.  Release Your healing balm to flow to them as a river of peace and help in their desperate time of need.  Embrace each family member where they are and help them know that they are not alone.  Protect their marriages as they walk this path.  Protect their hearts from the enemies lies while they are vulnerable.  Embrace each sibling and bring Your refuge, Your security and Your strength to them as their world is now shattered.  Bring financial support so they can grieve without fear of job loss or financial destruction.  Draw them together and help them feel unified rather than isolated.  We believe in Your Word that you draw close to the brokenhearted…we are trusting in Your Word and in Your heart of love.  Help them lift their eyes to You.  Help them.  Help them.  Help them.

Help us.  We need you Jesus to come to our rescue, where else can we go.  There is no other name by which we can be saved, capture us with your grace and we will follow you…  We wait on You… we turn our eyes to You… we put our trust in You.  We declare today that You are our source, You are our strength, and that You are our only hope.  You are Almighty and You will have the final word!  Help us silence the Whys right now?   Help us walk forward in love and help us see You… and only You.

Much love to you today and always,