Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas friends!  We pray today that wherever this finds you that Jesus shines brighter.   We pray that He be magnified over every situation in your life whether tragedy or triumph.  He is worthy of all of our praise.   The Lord Jesus is worthy of it all.

You never know from year to year what Christmas will look like.   Some years it is famine,  some years it is feast, but every year,  no matter what,  it is Jesus Christ.  He is our hope,  our greatest treasure and our reason to press in to another year…press in that He be known in the hearts of all men everywhere.  

I was recently convicted.  I began to ask God that this outreach touch  more and more lives.   He told me that I was looking for an ‘American Jesus’.   He encouraged me to look over the last few years at who had exactly been reading and now watching this site.   To my shock,  and I do mean shock,  this site has been seen in over 77 different nations…places I only dreamed it would go.  I just wept.   Jesus is the hope for the world! !  I had limited my God to what I knew and what I saw.   Lift your eyes to Heaven with me this year.   Perhaps, like me,  your thoughts must go higher.   Perhaps, like me,  you need a perspective shift.  Perhaps,  like me, you need more of Him.  This is why He was born.

He sees you.   He sees your desire to know Him.   He sees your desire to serve Him.   He sees your heart.   You are dearly loved and He is working all things in your life for the good.

Happy Birthday Jesus! !  Our hope is come!