1 Year Anniversary!!!

“Be   not  overcome   of  evil,  but  overcome evil with good.”  Romans 12:21

I am excited to announce that today marks the 1 year anniversary of this blog!!!  It has been an incredible year of growing in the grace and love of Jesus for me!!  I have learned so much and want to personally thank you for all of your encouragement and faithfulness!!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I look around the world it can be quite discouraging.  We long for the more lasting place of comfort carved away for us in eternity, yet, we still are called to stand here and let our lights shine to this world.  It is not a comfortable place or enjoyable most days, but it is essential, vital and the basis of who we are called to be in Christ…..disciple-makers.

So, our obedience to His voice eats away at this elephant one bite at a time…. with the fork we’ve been given from Him!  And we dine at His banqueting table…. all the while His banner over us reading LOVE!!!  What a beautiful picture of His bride!!

Today, whatever part of the elephant He has chosen to give you, eat at it with all of your heart for the Glory of God, not man.  No matter how insignificant or grand you believe your portion to be is of no consequence, it is what is done in faith and obedience to the call of your Lord that will remain.  Don’t judge the works of God and His sovereignty by the papers, the news or even your own feelings.  He is Lord!!!  We are lights!!!  We must continue to shine!!!

I had no idea what I would face when I started this blog.  I heard the Lord say write and I dove in.  Not sure if anyone would want to read it, not sure if I would know what to write and not sure if it would make a difference….  I chose to write and take my personal bite out of the elephant and I’ll continue to leave the rest up to Him.  The results are His business.  I do know that 75 blogs and over 3,500 views later I am encouraged that our individual  lights can overcome evil with good, one bite at a time!!!!

Thank you for your love and support!!!!  Let’s all continue to put our lights out there, one neighbor at a time!!!

7 thoughts on “1 Year Anniversary!!!

  1. Hey Mel,
    Thanks for encouraging me today. I miss talking to you. Maybe soon we can get in touch with each other. I hope you know who I am because I don’t feel comfortable posting personal info. here.God gave me you for a short time, then you had to move. You remain in my heart and I continue to remember all the healthy tips you gave me for fighting diabetes.I miss you my friend.

  2. I’ve recieved so much encouragement from your blog this year, Melissa, and have been encouraged to continue with hope in what I know to do. Happy Anniversary! I love you, and wish we could visit. You are missed!

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