True and Lasting Comfort

“For as the sufferings of Christ abound in us SO our comfort also abounds through Christ.”  2 Cor. 1:5

Let His comfort wash over you today and release the burdens of this world.  Lasting comfort abounds through Christ.

Therefore, “I can have hope for anyone whether they are being afflicted or comforted because I know that as they partake of the sufferings they also will partake of the comfort.” 

That is beautiful news….it tells us that God’s comfort is superior to suffering!!!!

Which may feel impossible when in pain; but you can trust that it is the truth and over time, you can grow to understand it more and more.

You can KNOW, BELIEVE, and TRUST in this comfort.

The way I see it, we have two paths to choose from in the face of suffering:  Turn to God or turn to something else.  Having been through many years of personal suffering I have been faced with that choice quite often.  Sometimes I chose other things and sometimes I chose God right off.  The only times I could have regretted are those when I chose other than my King…. because, for a season, that choice worked in me greater suffering.  But thank God, because of His goodness, He worked in me greater comfort.  In fact, remembering back, each time I chose the inferior place He met me there each time….because He loves me. I bet looking back on your life you too can see Him and how He helped you. Even though my choices initially took me further down and away from peace and comfort, He came after me there because He says that I cannot flee from His presence.  He is so good, He is so loving, He is so faithful, He is always with me.  He is always with you.

Now that I am understanding His love for me more and more, I am more prone to turn straight to Him and avoid the detours down those long desolate roads.  To be real, I still have some pretty good pity-parties from time to time, however, they seem to not have the same Hoorah they used to have.  Their payoff just doesn’t compare to Him!

I have learned instead to let Him lead me beside the quiet waters.  Some of the ways that I have learned to do this include:

  • Listen and sing praise music. In fact, when I am in despair, I will fill my home with praise music 24 hours a day, until I feel the hopelessness relieve and the intense pressure release.   I enjoy all of the singers I highlight on this blog.
  • Read the Bible.  I find great comfort in Psalms, 2 Corinthians, Romans 8, Colossians 1 and 2 Timothy when I need comfort.  I will even write the scriptures that I need on 3×5 cards and tape them to my mirrors or in front of the kitchen sink so I see them everywhere I go in my home.
  • Listen to a Minister of the Gospel who is skilled in Righteousness.  I usually turn to Joseph Prince, Joyce Meyer, or the pastor of the church I am attending.  You Tube is a great resource or God Tube.
  • Write my prayers and thoughts in a journal.  This is how I get my feelings out to the Lord; I write my journal to Him.  I can go back and read where I was in complete distress and see the tenor of my thoughts change as He gave me a scripture or picture of something that softened me.
  • Call a trusted friend and ask them to agree with me in prayer.  If I am really struggling with breakthrough on my own, I will call a trusted friend and ask them to pray with me.  Many times I have left those times feeling His comfort and presence that refreshed and restored my outlook of God and His Love for me.

No matter where you are or why you are on the path of suffering, He is there, His comfort is there, His love is there.  Even when you feel your loneliest, the most failed and the most rejected you can trust that His word is true and that He hasn’t left you.  Don’t let your lack of understanding dictate who He is to you.  He will not forsake you in your strength and He will certainly not forsake you in your weakness.  You are His Beloved.  He holds your world in His hands.

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  1. Hi, Mel,
    This is very encouraging. I just sent it to a friend of mine who is going through physical and emotional pain. Your web site makes it very easy to share. Blessings to you as you bless others.

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